recent invited lecture

1998 - 2015 : 46 invited lectures





(28) AVS 57th International Symposium, 2010, Oct. 17-22, Albuquerque, NM, USA,"NanoBio Imaging for Cardiovascular Researches" (invited)

(29) AsiaNano 2010 international symposium, 2010, Nov. 1-3, Tokyo, Japan, "NanoBio Analysis for Cardiovascular Researches" (invited)



(30) ALC, 8th International Symposium, 2011, May 22-27, Seoul, Rep. of Korea, "Development of TOF-nano MEIS and Applications" (invited)

(31) IBA, 20th International Conference, 2011, April 10-15, Itapema, Brazil, "Development of TOF-nano MEIS and Applications" (invited)

(32) ECASIA, 14th International Conference, 2011, Sep, 4-9, Cardiff, Wales, UK, "Surface and interface analysis for nano and biomedical        applications" (invited)

(33) SIMS, 18th International Conference, 2011, Sep, 18-23, Riva del Garda, Italy, "The role of SIMS and complementary techniques for        nanotechnology development" (invited)




(34) Ulvac-PHI Technical Symposium, 2012, June, 6-7, Tokyo, Japan, " Surface Ion Microscopy for NT and BT" (invited)

(35) International Conference of Atomic Collisions in Solids, 2012, Oct. 21-25, Kyoto, Japan, invited talk on " MEIS and SIMS for NT and BT"

(36) 59th American Vacuum Society Meeting, 2012, Oct. 28-Nov. 2, Tampa Bay, USA, Plenary Lecture in Biointerphase Symposium, "NanoBio        Imagigng for New Biomedical Applications"



(37) 6th International confernece for Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, 2013, May 26-31, Kyoto, Japan, "Cell adhesion dynamics and 3D cell nanobio        imaging using optical methods"

(38) 21st International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis, 2013, June 23-28, Seattle, USA, "TOF-MEIS Analysis of Nanostructured Materials"

(39) PSA13, 2013, Nov. 10-14, Okinawa, Japan, "3 Dimensional Quantitative Composition Profiling of Nano-Structured Materials with TOF-MEIS"

(40) The Vaccum Society of Japan, 2013, Nov. 27, Tsukuba, Japan, "Probing surfaces and interfaces with ions : from nanostructured materials        to cells & tissues“




(41) 20th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, 2014, Aug. 28, Geneva, Swiss, “Multimodal SIMS and CARS imaging for Cardiovascular        and Neuronal Systems” (Plenary lecture)

(42) SIMS Euroupe 2014, 2014. Sep. 09, Munster, Germany, “SIMS and CARS imaging of C.elegans” (Invited)

(43) AVS 60th International Symposium, 2014. Nov. 10, Baltimore, USA, “Multimodal Optical and Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Cells and        Tissues” (Invited)

(44) Pacsurf 2014, 2014. Dec. 07, Hawaii, USA, “Multimodal Nano-Bio Imaging of Neuronal Cells and Tissues” (Invited)



(45) SASJ 20th anniversary symposium, 2015. Feb. 25-27, Tokyo, Japan, “ Multimodal Optical and Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Cells and        Tissues” (Invited)

(46) Nanoparticle Workshop, 2015, April, 20-24, Chesire, UK, “3 Dimensional Quantitative Composition Profiling of Nano-Structured Materials        with TOF-MEIS” (invited)